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1974 | 30 bcn | 13 mx | 3 vnz | 1 oh | .6 dk

Sergi is above all an intelligent designer who has a capacity for analysis and synthesis like few others. His poetry visual poetry games recover the Catalan tradition led by Joan Brossa and lead them subtle but forceful to the language of the brand, the poster, and the editorial design | Renato Aranda. Santillana

Sergi is a passionate professional who seeks to solve problems within the user experience. He is an inquisitive, non-conforming consultant whose focus is to analyze thoroughly the context of people to achieve fully justified and effective solutions | Víctor García Multiplica

The design of Sergi Rucabado always transmits a perfect proportion between the harmony of the visual elements and the logic of the concept worked on. In each proposal that presents invites, to each spectator, a few introspective seconds of imagination. And in his direct deal, beyond the great designer, you discover a good person | Jonatan Buxeda. Oxinity

The graphic art of Sergi Rucabado is like a direct silver bullet to the hypothalamus. Save bony prejudices, banal conventions, and fat dispensable to reach the meaning, which is the most difficult. The nudity of synthesis. Tell me what you show and I will tell you who you are. Because things end up being what they seem | Javier Nieto. Santa&Cole

Sergi is outstanding at linking text and visual languages. His outcome is always direct and clear, with a touch of good mood Luis Martínez. m+f!